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Kakubo is a artist of MAMBA NEGRA, a queer electronic music party, label and booking agency known for occupying neglected urban spaces and for propelling the fights for feminine representability and sexual and gender freedom.

With a background ranging from electro-acoustic music studies, analogue avant-techno productions and straight up beat-driven dancefloor mutations, the São Paulo based Brazilian artist Kakubo distills anything from headbanging industrial textures to aboriginal acousmatics, western-world percussions and coarsely pulsating urban rhythms piercing together your own cultural heritage to experiments that cut across a range of music genres. 

Through a highly inventive splicing together of varied intoxicating rhythms and timbres, Kakubo is on course to carving her own unique style in the contemporary dance music scene. Her still short-lived but already considerable music forays have seen her perform as Live Act performer and DJ at the local underground music scene and platforms such as RedBull Music Festival, Boiler Room, Festival Novas Frequências, NTS Radio, Circa NSNS line up a newly released EP’s that includes Badsista and RHR.


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